Saxwerk History

2016 Christoph Groffmann new Managing Director and partner in Saxwerk GmbH.
2014 Saxwerk GmbH is founded.
2014 Saxwerk Fastighets AB is founded and acquisition of property 1:72 (office with plot) is performed.
2013 Saxwerk Holding AB is founded.
2012 Magnus Landberg and Olof Eriksson are employed and becomes partners in Saxwerk AB.
2011 Magnus Spjuth Adelörn and Tomas Wendt founded Saxwerk AB.
2009 Saxlund Holdings shares bought by Opcon.
2002 Magnus Spjuth Adelörn and Tomas Wendt takes over the leadership of Saxlund International AB.
1994 Saxlund Holding AB is founded. (Holding took Saxlund Gmbh 75%; Saxlund Ltd. 45%, Saxlund Corp.. 45%, Saxlund AB 100%, Pemm AB 100%).
1993 Tomas Wendt employed at Saxlund AB.
1984 Magnus Spjuth Adelörn employed at Saxlund AB.
1977 Saxlund AB becomes partners in Saxlund GmbH, Tyskland.
1958-60 The engineering company Saxlund & Co. Ltd started its activities in 1958, and registered as a Limited company 1960.
1954-58 Roland Spjuth began a collaboration with Oddmund Saxlund from Norway in the middle of 1950, when the two first plants from Oddmund Saxlund were shipped to Sweden.