Chain Conveyors

  • Robust, reliable and dustproof.

  • Standard SMS chains.

  • Long experience of different materials.

  • Efficient, simple and robust design.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • Low degree of filling.


Saxwerks Chain conveyors are suitable for the transport of shredded material such as wood chips, bark, peat, pellets, briquettes, coal and ash. Ash with high temperature we recommend Sub Merged Conveyors. Saxwerk has extensive experience in storage, silo discharge and transport of bulk materials. Our Chain conveyors are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of performance and availability.


Saxwerks Chain conveyors contains:

  • Bottom plate can be added with wear plate.
  • The chain runs on changeable low friction rails.
  • Bolted carrier.
  • Different design types, large flexibility.
  • Bends with spring guiding wheels.
  • Spring automatic chain tension.
  • Blocking protection and indication when jamming.
  • If necessary input between the carriers.
  • Gap between the carrier and the bottom – low wear.
  • Motion control and overfilling protection.
  • Turning section is equipped with a radius plate.

Design possibilities

Saxwerks Chain conveyor are available for capacities up to
450 m3 / h as standard. The types are L, LB and HBL. Standard dimensions are:

SCS 600  |  SC 800  |  SC 1000  |  SC 1200  |  SC 1600  |  SC 2000

A selection of our Chain conveyors

  • Chain Conveyor, double chain standard
  • Chain Conveyor, double chain special
  • Sub Merged Conveyors
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