For the construction of a new particleboard plant in India, Saxwerk is supplying the discharge systems for all round silos and rectangular bunkers.

The six round silos are designed with a diameter of 5.00 m – 6.00 m and up to 12 m filling height. Saxwerk sliding frames and hydraulic rotors with discharge screws are used for the metered discharge of the bulk materials.

The two rectangular receiving silos are supplied with hydraulically operated pullfloors.

Pull floor / push floor:

Bulk material: wet wood chips
Discharge capacity: 150 m³/h
Volume: 720m³

Round silos:

Bulk material: Wet flat chips, sawdust, dust, granules
Discharge capacity: 20 -510m³/h
Volume: 150 – 300m³

Delivery will take place in the middle of 2022.