Saxwerk received an order to supply the complete discharge systems for a new particleboard plant in Russia. The plant will produce up to 500,000m³ of particleboard per year.

The Saxwerk scope of supply consists of eight round silos and two rectangular bunkers. The round silos are designed with a diameter of 5.500 – 6.000mm and a filling height of up to 12.500mm. Up to 300m³ of material can be stored in the silos and fed into the process.

Each pushfloor bunker can convey up to 250m³/h of wet wood chips into the discharge screws. The total storage volume of the moving floor bunkers is approx. 1400m³.

For the round silos, sliding frames and hydraulic rotors are used, with a discharge capacity of up to 520m³/h.

Installation is scheduled to start in early 2022.


Bulk material:  wet wood chips
Discharge capacity: 500m³/h
Volume: 1.400m³

Round silos:

Bulk material: wood chips, flat chips, dry chips, sawdust, dust, mid-layer chips, top-layer chips, oversized chips
Discharge capacity: 20 -510m³/h
Volume: 150 – 300m³