Description, Standard

Silo casing consists of steel plate elements, which are formed and finalized in the workshop for the transport and installation. The method gains time at assembling.

Another advantage with this particular design is the small transport volume. This is due to the casing segments excellent stack opportunities.

The Silo assembly is facilitated by the fact that elements are provided with holes for mounting bolts. This holds the silo fixed while the segments are welded on the outside.

Alternatively the Silo is mounted with bolt which the welding is not needed and replaced with sealing between the elements.

Extent of delivery, Standard

The Silo size determines the number of mantle segments. These are delivered in full or split length depending on the height of the silo. The standard accessories, that are included, is mounted already in the workshop.

The roof, in two or more parts, is manufactured as standard with inlet and hatch and provided in the periphery with feet plates, for other equipment.

Silo bottom with support
Two standard versions, type M and P, is available for the silo bottom. Type M has the casing down to the concrete. This forms a protective space underneath the silo. At type P, the silo is on support legs.

Silo bottom, of sheet metal, is reinforced with beams and fitted with connecting to the discharge units. Bottom plate, as standard, is placed 2-3 m above the foundation.

Sludge silo type P

Sludge silo type P