Saxwerk supplies the discharge systems for nine round silos and four rectangular bunkers. The pullfloor ladders arranged in the bunker convey each 250 m³/h of wet wood chips into the discharge screws. The total storage volume is approx. 3000 m³.

Sliding frames or hydraulic rotors are used for the round silos, with a discharge capacity of up to 520 m³/h.

The entire plant will be Europe’s most modern particleboard production facility and will go into operation in 2020.


Bulk material: Wet wood chips
Discharge capacity 850 m³/h
Volume: 3000 m³


Rund silos:

Bulk material: Wet chips, dry chips, wet flakes, dry flakes, saw dust, sander dust
Discharge capacity: 20 -520 m³/h
Volume: 150 – 500 m³



Delivery will take place in August 2019