Screw conveyors

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Screw conveyors

  • Customized, dimensions insensitive.

  • Material Custom.

  • Long experience of different materials.

  • Efficient, simple and robust design.

  • Low power consumption

  • Low maintenance cost


Saxwerks screw conveyors are suitable for all types of bulk materials such as coal and coal powder, fly- and bottom ash, REA gypsum, dewatered sludge, wood fuel and peat, bark, sawdust and wood chips, etc.


Standard diameters up to 1000 mm. Lengths without intermediate storage up to 15 000 mm.

Round or broken trays. Thread thicknesses up to 25 mm. Black, stainless steel, acid-proof and Hardox. Dust-tight or water-tight pack boxes. Wear protection in trays. Overfill protection and speed monitor. Chain transfer or direct drive.

Design possibilities

Screw conveyors can be divided into two main types: Transport screws and Dosing screws. Transport screws is used for transporting materials from one point to another, and are characterized by low fill rate and relatively high speed. The Dosing screw is used for consistent and accurate dosing of materials such as for the processing machines, processes and outputs from silo/bins. Unlike the Transport screw, the Dosing screw always operates with completely filled thread at the inlet.

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