Push Floors

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Push Floors

  • Customized, dimensions insensitive.

  • Material customized

  • Efficient, simple and robust design.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Low maintenance cost.

  • Complete systems from an experienced provider.

  • Material flow through bins and silos works on the principle “first in – first out”.

  • Frequent reception bins for example. Municipal sludge.


The robust Push Floor is particularly suitable for heavy-wet and difficult to handle “non-flowing” material.
Delivery areas include doses pockets, receipt bins, storage silos and thrust bearings.

In addition to these, there are also custom special designs for all types of materials and pockets (eg, plastic, garbage, and tires).


The Push Floor is driven by a hydraulic system that operates a number of elements.

The Push Floor can be obtained with the cylinders mounted on either side, but the larger cylinder area is always used. The design is always with a gate- and sensor screw arrangements at the discharge station, in order to ensure a good performance and a safe discharge.

After mounting machine can be for example a screw conveyor, chain conveyor or a belt conveyor.

Design possibilities

Saxwerk original Push Floor can be integrated into pockets / bins with length up to 20 000 mm. There is no maximum width when the number of ladders is unlimited.

Rebuilding the placement of new ladders in existing silo is normally no obstacles. Modifications can be made to prevent bridge formation, optimizing discharge and dosing etc.

Silos can be made of concrete, metal, plastic or wooden walls.