Dosing Bins

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Dosing Bins


The solid Dosing bin with Push floor unit, is especially suitable for larger, unsorted and difficult “non-flowing” material.

The dimensions are adapted to car transport. Customized sizes is no problem.

Capacities to suit customer requirements. Fixed or variably with piston pump.

The Push floor is insensitive to large foreign object and therefore superior screws when handling difficult materials.

Type: Volume: Length: Hight: Width:
DB20SB-2S 20 m3 3 m 2,2 m 3,0 m
DB45SB-2S 45 m3 5 m 3,0 m 3,0 m
DB75SB-3S 75 m3 8 m 3,0 m 3,0 m
DB100SB-4S 100 m3 10 m 3,3 m 3,0 m

Wood chips and wood material.