Ash and Slag handling

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Ash and Slag handling

  • Ash silos from about 50 m3 up to 1000 m3

  • Screw bins for ash up to about 5 m3 storage volume

  • Discharge system for ash

  • Humidification of the ash m3

  • Container systems

  • Sub Merged conveyors

  • Chain elevators for ash and hot materials

Ash silos from 50 m3 up to 1000 m3:

The ash silo is built with a standard silo bottom, with a sliding frame and discharge screw. For smaller volumes a silo top is built with the same diameter as the bottom.

For larger volumes a cone is built over the silo bottom. The main silo is then placed over the cone.

Screw bins for ash up to about 5 m3 storage volume:

A smaller container are constructed over a feeding screw. The volume is controlled by level protectors.

Discharge for fly ash:

Silo bottom with sliding frame and feeding screw.

Humidification of fly ash:

View product Ash conditioner.

Container systems:

Saxwerk develop customized containers for storage of dry fly ash.

Sub merged conveyors underneath combustion plants:

Underneath the furnace a sub merged conveyor is placed to take care of corrosions as well as ash and slag.

Product list:

Ash and Slag handling

» Hydraulic Rotor
» Spring Rotor

» Transport Screws
» Dosing Screws
» Discharge Screws
» Vertical Screws
» Stoke Screws
» Special Design Screws
» Screw Bins

» Belt Elevators
» Chain-Elevators

» Chain Conveyors, double chain standard.
» Chain Conveyors, double chain special
» Sub Merged Conveyors
» Redler type “Wet”
» Redler type “Dry”

» Conditioning with special flights

» Sliding Frame, standard
» Sliding Frame, special design

» Round silos
» Square silos

» Push Floor, standard
» Push Floor, special design
» Reciving Bins